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The mission of IARO is to educate, increase awareness and enhance participation of Indian Americans to promote a fair and transparent government in alignment with fiscally conservative republican ideals and core values to improve the future of our citizens.

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IARO Leaders to work with Rauner

IARO leaders help form the Indian American Coalition for Bruce Rauner. “Our state is stronger and more vibrant because of the contributions of the Indian-American community,” said Bruce Rauner

IARO Leadership

Nimish Jani - Chairman

A successful entrepreneur in the hospitality and fast food industry and an elected Trustee of the Schaumburg township. He is a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility ...More




IARO is a grass root organization which will work to recruit, elect and support candidates at the city, State and National elections who share the Republican philosophies of family values, lower taxes, smaller government and economic prosperity.

We will stand by those leaders who will further the cause of Indian-Americans and bring pragmatic leadership to our state and the country.

Membership to IARO is open to all who are interested in empowering our elected Republican candidates to promote these values.

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