The mission of IARO is to educate, increase awareness and enhance participation of Indian Americans to promote a fair and transparent government in alignment with fiscally conservative republican ideals and core values to improve the future of our citizens.


Fiscal responsibility, family values & education have made IndianAmericans the most successful community in the USA


Interests, values, and history all suggest that the natural political home for Indian-Americans is the GOP.


Vote for principle, though you may vote alone, & you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost


Devote to help conservative & practical common sense public policy so "American Dream" is available to next generation.

Why Should You Join Indian American Republican Organization (IARO)

* If you believe that ‘The American Dream’ you have lived is available to your kids. * If you believe in fiscal responsibility. * If you believe in paying reasonable taxes and not fund irresponsible actions of a few people. * If you believe in that education should be big priority. * If you believe that our state should have enough opportunities that our children can stay in our state – closer to us. * If you believe that we have a responsibility to contribute in brining America – our country back on track.

2017 Consolidated Local Election Picks

Based on the past performance, demonstrated record and values, IARO is proud to pick the following candidates as the best candidates for their constituency and Indian American community for Elections on April 4th 2017:
Candidate Running For
Nimish Jani Schaumburg Township Trustee
Vasavi Chakka School District 204
Rick Guzman City of Aurora Mayor